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    We're changing what it means to work in public-service organizations – offering best-in-class healthcare and wellbeing solutions, at lower costs, for employers and employees in Michigan.

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In 2005, eight West Michigan school districts pooled their resources together to form The Pool, which expanded to include not only schools, but public service organizations like counties, cities, and mental health providers all over Michigan. The Pool offers quality benefits at a lower cost to employees and their families. But we're not just focused on savings – we provide market-leading offerings to positively impact every member's health and wellbeing.

Today, we help transform

Member Organizations
School Districts
Municipal Groups
Community Colleges

Our partners

We are proud to work with industry-leading experts including...

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Why The Pool?


Relax knowing we have you covered.

You and your loved ones can put your mind at ease knowing you're protected by leading providers. Whatever your circumstances or goals, you can focus on being the best you with our health and wellbeing programs and resources.

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Take the weight off your shoulders.

Let us take away the burden of administration and cost-control, all while knowing you and your employees are receiving the best-in-class offerings, from a provider that genuinely cares.

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Transferring your wellbeing together and lower costs for members

What's important to us

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    Choice for all

    We offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of members' lifestyles, and help employers balance the rising cost of healthcare.

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    More than healthcare

    We're here to support our members' wellbeing - from emotional to physical. Let us help you develop healthy habits so you can be the best you.

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    Protection & support

    As your trusted advisor, we strive to offer best-in-class coverage which brings our members peace of mind, so they can focus on day-to-day priorities.

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    We're an open book

    We value honesty and transparency. Our numbers are available for everyone to see and there are no hidden costs.

Members are the heart of The Pool because it's run by our members, for our members.


  • “I received the Hinge Health information in the mail and thought I'd give it a try. I am so grateful to this program as I thought I would have to spend a lot of time and money to do physical therapy, but this was so much easier and no expense!! I tell everyone about Hinge Health now! Thank you so much for providing this benefit!”
    Ottawa Area ISD Pool Member
  • “Having the options in The Pool to choose what works best for our family is a great benefit.”
    Maria Herrera Belmares
    Grand Rapids Community College
  • “I think what is unique about The Pool is the people. The people who are utilizing the health insurance are the ones making the decisions on what is best for The Pool.”
    Korie Wilson-Crawford
    Rockford Public Schools
  • “Our group has had an exceptional experience with The Pool so far. I so appreciate the knowledge and expertise and the ability to find areas that we can improve on wellness-wise as well as changes to positively influence rates.”
    Diane Pelts
    AuSable Valley CMHA
  • “I am so grateful to The Pool for offering this program and changing my life. I urge anyone that is on the fence about trying Virta to give it a try.”
    City of Zeeland Pool Member
  • “I felt heard. I was very confident in my 2nd.MD Specialist's experience and grateful for fresh eyes on my stack of medical records. I'm so glad I answered the phone when 2nd.MD called to ask if I would be interested in this service.”
    Pool Member
  • “Omada has helped me manage my weight and given so many helpful tips to leading a healthier lifestyle. It is a great free service The Pool has offered, and I am so thankful.”
    AuSable Valley Community Mental Health Pool member
  • “I absolutely love Livongo. It is so easy to use and I get daily encouragement from them on the app. They know when you're getting low on test strips and send you more, so you never have to worry about running out - this is such a perk. I hope everyone who needs it has signed up.”
    Ingham ISD Pool member
  • “I've been getting in up to 15k steps over the past week, while still using some of the strengthening exercises I learned on the app. I was not able to do that before finding Hinge! I keep meaning to get back to the strength training, and I will! I've just been having too much fun outside!”
    Pool Member enrolled in Hinge Health Knee Program
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Hear what members have to say about their Pool value adds

Real members, real stories...

Meet the team

The members and experts who care about offering you the best plans and programs, for the best price.

  • Dennis Furton profile

    Dennis Furton


    In his experience with The Pool, Dennis shares that "there aren't many instances when I've been able to say, 'this is the BEST option for my employees, hands down' but The Pool is all that.

  • Todd Bell profile

    Todd Bell

    Vice Chair

    Joined The Pool for the opportunity of “hands on” customer service, competitive prices, and to be involved with important decisions about his employees insurance.

  • Abby Lloyd profile

    Abby Lloyd


    Serves as the Pool's secretary and prior to, served on the Member Experience Committee for several years.

Contact our partners

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    Medical claims and customer service

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

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    Medical claims and customer service

    Priority Health

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